Some Forgotten Considerations In Budgeting Your Wedding

We are always asking clients what their budget is for the services we provide. It is often very hard to come with up an answer for something that is new terrain. Brides and Grooms certainly have many resources to research what the average costs are. Often budgetary constraints get tossed out the window if there is a “must have”. I wanted to share an interesting article that covers some items that may escape the radar screen when thinking about making a budget. Click here. Wedding-Budget-Determining-Priorities

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Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember

Like something old, something borrowed, something new and something blue, we have our own credo when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Give something romantic, something practical and something the expresses the uniqueness of you two! Remember to start planning with an ample time frame, so you don’t stress out.

Something romantic?

Something Romantic

A special CD with your love tunes

When it comes to romantic gifts, think about something that you can do by yourself, or get a great card that remind you and your partner of a special moment. Think outside of the box and make an effort to personalize it.

Something practical?

Something Practical

A coffee subscription for the coffee lovers.

Many people enjoy how romantic Valentine’s Day is, but to make the gift more lasting, think about something practical. What does that person like? What’s their hobby? If you stay focused you will be able to find the perfect option based on their taste.

Something for just the two of you?

A coffee subscription for the coffee lovers

A special dinner to impress.

You can plan a special dinner and give the romantic and practical gift together with it. Homemade food is the best way to share a perfect moment. Don’t make something too fancy or too difficult that you just learned how to master; instead focus on what that person liked in the past and make it with love.

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A Destination Party in your Own House

Sometimes it is very hard to come up with an interesting theme for your party. For those of you who are feeling creative and love everything about traveling, we want to present you a great idea that has been trending in the past months: “destination” themed celebrations.

So, what are we trying to say? A destination themed celebration doesn’t have to include leaving the country, it’s about cherishing all those elements that represent the great experience of getting to know different parts of the world. Choose several dishes from different countries as a menu inspiration, have fun finding cool vintage maps and if you need a little help remember to give us a call!

A Destination Party in your own house Travel

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What type of bride are you?

Every bride is different, whether you want a big chapel wedding or a cool venue surrounded by apple orchids. The purpose is the same, you want to feel beautiful and special on our big day. Invitations are the first impression you can make to all your guests and therefore should follow through all complementing elements that compose the whole feeling. Which of these styles do you see yourself in?

Bride Type Traditional

I am a traditional bride who wants something classic and tasteful perhaps with a little flair.

Bride Type Contemporary

I am a contemporary bride who wants something contemporary with color, layers or pockets.

Bride Type Practical

I want invitations but as inexpensive as possible as long as they are professionally done and don’t look like they were created in someone’s computer.

Bride Type Go-Getter

I am a bride on a budget and want to spend $300-$500 for my wedding invitations but want it to set the tone effectively.

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